Microsoft 365 is a great tool aiming at empowering employees and optimizing their work. But why are organizations still struggling with leveraging the full potential of
the Microsoft Suite?

M-Files increases the return on your investment in the Microsoft 365 Suite by increasing productivity across the organization, improving the user and customer experience, and enhancing compliance and security.
Microsoft Teams can be more than a collaboration tool
As a user of Microsoft Teams, you know the value it brings to everyday communication and collaboration with colleagues and customers. Despite those great features, you might find yourself baffled at times when you're trying to search for a document and you don’t know in which system it's stored, or when you're wondering if you found the latest version of the document, or when you want to ensure that only relevant people have access to it.

M-Files not only allows you to access, find, and edit all your content in one single view, but it also displays the content in the right context. When saving, for example, a project contract in M-Files, you add a few relevant metadata tags which then allow you to view the file both in your customer-specific and project-specific Teams channel. The metadata also automatically determines permissions for each object guaranteeing strong security at all times.
SharePoint Online meets world-class information management
If you're using SharePoint Online as your main content and collaboration hub, you might have come across a few hurdles. Users are unsure about what's the best way for them to manage and share information in SharePoint and have a tendency to still use file shares and network folders.

M-Files breaks down silos by connecting all your SharePoint sites, network folders, business systems, and other repositories, making Microsoft 365 your single point of access for all your business information. No data migration is needed and employees can continue to work in the tools familiar to them while fully focusing on tasks that matter the most.

However, accessing and editing documents should not be enough. M-Files enables the automation of business processes with built-in artificial intelligence and workflows designed for your business. This way you never miss important steps or deadlines and processes are easily managed in compliance with established regulations and company policies.
Outlook made intelligent, no more email chaos
If you work in an industry where Outlook is pretty much your home, such as in law or professional services, you want to be able to manage not only your email correspondence but also other files and information right within the same interface. Jumping between applications is distracting and time-consuming.

With M-Files, Outlook can be your window to all information relevant to you. You can automatically save high volumes of emails and documents to M-Files and trust that relevant metadata is tagged to them and that only the right people have access. When searching for information you have a 360° view of all your content directly within Outlook, in views that make sense to you, and you can further manage the content e.g. by editing documents or assigning them to a suitable workflow.
M-Files works well with Microsoft
MedTrials upgrades document management capabilities with M-Files
Bringing content from Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, and other content repositories together into one view makes productivity skyrocket.
“We did integrate M-Files with our internal accounting software, Dynamics SO, as well as SharePoint. Our biggest concern was putting in information once and then not having to double type for different systems. Being able to set-up automatic permissions to where they [employees] know based on the type of document, based on the metadata that is entered in, the platform automatically gives the necessary rights to the document. We look at our implementation of M-Files as a way that we could leap forward and do more, operate more efficiently, and using a platform that is really intuitive so that our employees are able to just jump right in and get the job done with greater efficiencies.”

-- Jeremy Weaver, Network Systems Administrator, MedTrials, Inc.
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